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Firm Tofu

Stuffed Tofu (cold)

By June 30, 2021No Comments


2 (40 ounces) containers Firm Aloha Tofu

1 ripe avocado

4 tablespoons chopped tomatoes

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Salad oil

Salt and pepper

Ahi mix

¼ pound ahi sashimi (chopped into ¼” squares)

½ tablespoon ginger juice

1 ½ tablespoons white sesame seeds

1 ½ tablespoons shoyu (soy sauce)

½ tablespoon sake (Japanese rice wine)

½ tablespoon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine)

½ tablespoon sesame oil

¼ cup chopped green onions


Wrap tofu in paper towel and place on a tilted cutting board.  Place light plate on top of tofu and let stand for 30 minutes to remove excess water.

After water has been drained from tofu, cut 1 tofu into 8 pieces.  Using a spoon hollow out the middle of tofu.

Cut avocado into halves and remove seed.  Use a spoon to scoop out the meat and pour lemon juice on avocado and mush with fork.  Add salad oil, salt, pepper, and tomato.

Fill middle with avocado mix.

Fill middle with ahi mix.

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