Aloha Tofu


History says tofu was created by accident in China by a cook who added some sea salt to mashed soybeans. The curdled substance solidified and became the first tofu. Today, Aloha Tofu Factory manufactures soft and firm tofu in 20 ounce sizes in our Akepo Lane facility daily.

Firm Tofu (20 oz.)

Aloha Tofu’s Firm Tofu is the most versatile form of tofu because it soaks up flavor like a sponge and holds it shape whether it is fried, broiled, grilled, or boiled. This dense, protein-rich tofu can be used in stir-fry, soups, chili’s, stews, and grills. The tofu absorbs the flavor of anything it’s seasoned with; soy sauce, tomato sauce, or cheese. It boosts the protein count of a recipe and can take the place of beef, chicken, shrimp, or pork, in Italian, Mexican, and Indian foods.

Firm Tofu Recipes

Firm Tofu (16 oz.)

A smaller version of our popular Firm Tofu, this convenient size has double the shelf life compared to our 20 oz. version.

Firm Tofu Recipes

Soft Tofu (19 0z.)

Aloha Tofu’s Soft Tofu has a delicate custard-like texture and is best eaten in blocks with a little soy sauce, or in soups made with a miso (soybean paste) flavor base.

Soft Tofu Recipes

Deep Fried Tofu (Atsuage)

Aloha Tofu Factory’s deep-fried tofu is vacuum-sealed for freshness and can be used cut up in blocks or strips for stir-fry, or used in pastas and salads.

Deep Fried Tofu Recipes

Aburage (Deep Fried Tofu Pouches)

Firm tofu blocks are sliced in thin layers and quickly deep-fried. The resulting product can be triangle or square shaped and naturally split open to make a shell for sushi-flavored rice to make the Japanese favorite inarizushi (sushi).

Aburage Large (Triangle) RecipesAburage Small (Squares) Recipes

Natto (2-pack)

Natto is fermented soybeans that form a sticky paste and is best served over hot rice.

Natto Recipes

Soy Milk

Smooth and creamy, our soy milk has only two ingredients: soybeans and water! Enjoy it straight, hot or cold, or use it as a substitute for water or milk in any recipe.

Soymilk Recipes


Yudofu is the stage of firm tofu production before the water is pressed out from the curds. It has a lighter, smoother and more delicate texture compared to firm tofu.


Okara (soybean meal) is the soybean fiber that is separated from the soy milk during processing. It is high in protein and can be added to recipes to boost the fiber content.

Okara Recipes

Ohana Soy Sauce

A special dashi shoyu brewed in Hiroshima, Japan, this flavorful shoyu goes perfectly with our tofu products, as well as any vegetables, fish or meat dishes!