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We went to a special Natto Dinner. All dishes are made with NATTO!!!!!????? This incredible event was put on by Chef Le and his family (and good friends!).  We’re pretty traditional when it comes to natto, eating it with egg, green onions and shoyu on hot rice so we really weren’t sure what to expect.  The pop-up restaurant concept certainly works well when introducing new, exploratory cuisine and this was no different.  Please take a look at the dishes we were able to enjoy and experience!  You might want to try making some of these yourself!  As we ate, I jotted down some notes about the different dishes.  Does it make you want to eat natto?

1. Natto Vichyssoise











Hint of Natto, sweet, like melted ice cream, different layers of flavor- crunchy Natto bits…

2. Oyster – Natto froth, green apple, guava kombucha.











Very light flavor that played with the oyster well!

3. Burny Shallots, tofu, black garlic, duck fat, tarragon, Natto jus.









Interesting combination – slightly sweet, salty, mellow flavored – shallots were a wonderful compliment

4. Caramelized Pork Belly











So many different textures and flavors! Crunchy, sweet, tender, smooth!

5. Confit Egg Yolk











Never tried a gouda mousseline before!  Great combi with the egg yolk and Natto/seaweed brioche!

6. Mango-Natto granite, yogurt!









That,,,Was,,, different. Interestingly enough, however, all the components worked well!

7. Natto Andagi – Guiness anglaise, fig, Natto brittle











Good combination for the Irish/Okinawans out there!  TIL natto can be made into a dessert!

A sincere MAHALO to Chef Andrew Le and his brother, Alex, for inviting us to the special meal!  We certainly wish them the best of luck as they share their passion for culinary creativity with more people in Hawaii!

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