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Playmate Kindergarten Day Care

Students of Playmate Kindergarten Day Care in Makiki came to Aloha Tofu Factory for a tour.  The students ranged from Pre-K to 3rd grade.  Paul Uyehara (our President) explained the tofu-making process, they watched a video, then looked at the actual operations from the second floor of the factory.  The best part of the tour…they sampled oboro-tofu, soymilk, […]
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Kawanaka Shoyu in Hiroshima, Japan

This is the entrance of Kawanaka Shoyu.  Their color is purple.  Like Aloha Tofu, customers can buy products at the shoyu factory.  I was served Kawanaka Shoyu with Tofu.  I also ate shoyu Ice Cream. They have a lot of products such as shoyu with Dashi, Garlic Shoyu, sauce for Sukiyaki, soybean dressing, etc…..Customers can try any product. I […]
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A Cage of Fireflies

Aloha Tofu is proud to support Kumu Kahua Theatre’s production of A Cage of Fireflies…a piercing kitchen-sink drama.  It is about three elderly sisters of the kibei generation — sent as children to be raised in Okinawa, then returned to live and work in Hawai‘i — are at the heart of Daniel Akiyama’s new play. […]
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Ohana Festival 2013

The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i will once again present the popular New Year’s Ohana Festival on Sunday, January 13 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i/Mō’ili’ili Field. This will be an event you won’t want to miss as the community celebrates the Year of the Snake! There will […]
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Raise Awareness, Inspire Change

PRF16 130109 Vandana Shiva 2-5V 4C Dr. Vandana Shiva is an Indian physicist, philosopher and a social activist who has written 20 books. A quick online search shows that she is highly regarded around the world in the Green Movement for her advocacy of farmers’ rights and as a major critic of GMO foods and […]
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