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Sesame Rice with Soybeans

Earlier this week on Tofu Tuesday, we re-posted a fantastic recipe for Sesame Rice with Soybeans including a video excerpt courtesy of Sam Choy’s Kitchen showing exactly how easy it is to make!  If the fact that it’s a one-pot meal isn’t enough of a draw for you, just look at how delicious the finished […]
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Tofu Dango Miso Soup

When Allicia sent me this picture of her Tofu Dango Miso Soup, she said the dango was soft and gooey with a subtle tofu taste that complemented the miso flavor, but that its texture made it difficult to shape so although it tasted great, it didn’t look particularly appetizing.  I disagree.  It looks warm, comfy, […]
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Natto?! Not oh no!

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with Japanese fare or perhaps shy away from more adventurous edibles, the word natto can send shivers down the spine.  It’s a popular food in Japan and with many locals here, but its slimy texture and potent smell are like impossible palate obstacles to the more apprehensive of us. […]
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