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For those who weren’t in the know previously (like me!), Hiyayakko is a very simple Japanese cold tofu dish with toppings.  It is usually prepared as a supplement to a main dish or as an appetizer, but it’s quite versatile in that it can be changed according to the type of toppings you wish to […]
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Online store opening…soon!

To our wonderful patrons, curious visitors, and tofu enthusiasts– We love tofu, and we know you do too.  We are incredibly grateful to have such loyal customers and welcome everyone to get to know us and the quality tofu products that we make for you. Many have been so supportive that they’ve inquired about when […]
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Dinner with Allicia

Our sales rep Allicia is quite smart about the way she incorporates Aloha Tofu products into meals for her family.  Let’s see what she’s cooked up recently: Kimpira Konnyaku with gobo and sesame seeds, flavored with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and the secret ingredient–mayonnaise!  This is a pretty healthy meal…you know, except the teaspoon of […]
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Brownie me, s’il vous plait.

The sweet tooth–it coaxes even the most steadfast of us to yield to its sugary demands. The toothsome treats circulating here at Aloha Tofu are very difficult to resist, and clearly you can see why: Our bookkeeper Jackie makes the most fantaaaastic Okara Brownies. They are luxuriously rich, but utilize okara to up the nutritional […]
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Misa’s Kitchen

It seems like every week, Paul’s wife Misa manages to make the most amazing entrees– A couple of weeks ago it was Ohitashi — an aburage and choy sum stir-fry with dashi (the perfect meal for the weight watcher!) This week it’s Pork-rolled Tofu and Broccoli — flavored with teriyaki sauce The younger Uyeharas loved […]
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