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“Tofu Day” Dinner!

Aloha! Did you know that October 2 is TOFU day?! In Japan they like to play with the sounds of numbers to create words. We do it as well! For example if you said, “1, 2” in Japanese, you would get: “ichi, ni” (“itchy knee”) or you remember, “5, 4, 4” – say that in Japanese and we know you have to excuse yourself…!

Well, in Japanese, there are different pronunciations for numbers depending on how they’re used. Most people may know “10” is pronounced, “jyu” and “2” is pronounced, “ni”, but another way to say “10” is: “To” (like “toe”) and “2” as “Fu”. Put them together and we have To-Fu (10-2) Day!

We have a shout out to all TOFU lovers out there (and even the skeptics, as well!)…In celebration of this glorious day, we will be having the first “Tofu Day” dinner in Hawaii! It will be on Thursday, October 12 (okay, it’s not ON Tofu Day, but 10 + 2 = 12 so…). Gazen Izakaya’s Chef Hiro has come up with a menu of dishes not seen in Hawaii especially for this event! I will also be making fresh yuba for Chef Hiro to utilize in his dishes!

It’s a one night event and seating is limited, so gather up your tofu -loving friends and family and let’s enjoy a night to celebrate the versatility and possibilities tofu has to offer!

We’ve been fortunate to work with Scott from the Natto Dinner Facebook Group and Mari from Frolic Hawaii to help get this together. Follow this link for more details!

Tofu Day Dinner!


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