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Tofu Cookbooks are back!

We just received the second printing of our Tofu Cookbook.  The first printing sold out in two and a half weeks.  So get your copy while supply lasts!

There are 60 delicious recipes presented in English and Japanese and are accompanied by mouth-watering color photos.  We are honored to have Peko Nishimura and Misa Uyehara contribute their favorite recipes along with Aloha Tofu’s beloved standards.

The cost of our bi-lingual cookbook is $16.95.  To order, call: 845-2669, fax: 848-4607, or email:

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  1. Posted May 1, 2013 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff on this pos

  2. Posted October 7, 2014 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    Someone recently said to me: I want to hear that it’s OK for me to write; and it doesn’t HAVE to be a book to build my PLATFORM. I GET to have my sitroes and poems and general rantings and So I said: It’s OK to write, it doesn’t have to be a book, and you get to have your sitroes, poems and rants. I know you weren’t quite saying I want to hear that it’s OK, and still, I want to tell you: not only is it OK, it’s AWESOME. (and probably necessary.)Your writing is funny and honest and insightful, and it’s a treat to read. If what you write wants to be a journal or a book or a blog, it will be. Bottom line: you want to write, so you must. If it’s not productive ? Oh well there’s a little less time for some of those other non-productive things we all do. And though I don’t know you (save our recent introduction), I somehow feel like I do a little from your writing. And that’s pretty damn cool. Methinks would be a laarge bummah if you didn’t give this just a *bit* of your attention (even a few minutes a day, or a couple times a week to get yourself in the practice) (and do it to show that evil this is not productive voice that it IS productive and it is GOOD ) A-fargin-men.(oh, and i recently started a weekly writing play-date on me blog; if outside inspiration might help, it would be fab to have you play.)

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