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Is My Tofu Spoiled?

Aloha Tofu says “use four out of your five senses”.  Four because the fifth would be “hear” and you obviously can’t hear your tofu.  If you can…you need help.

So back to your tofu.  If it’s past the expiration date and you still want to eat it, obey your senses to safely do so.

#1 – Sight – If your tofu’s water is yellow, slimy, or thick, there’s a good chance that it’s spoiled.

#2 – Smell – If you dare to open the package and catch a whiff of that sour, fermented smell, it IS spoiled!

#3 – Touch – If you don’t want to believe that your tofu is spoiled, try touching it.  If the outside is slimy and the inside has a “gelatiny” substance seeping out of it, please DO NOT EAT IT!  It’s definitely spoiled!

#4 – Taste – If you must taste it, go ahead.  It won’t kill you, but you may get an awful stomach ache.  If it’s sour, it’s spoiled.

To prevent your tofu from spoiling before the expiration date, try not to open it and keep it in the back of the refrigerator until you plan to use it.  This may help your tofu to last at least one day after it should expire.

When you open it before the expiration date, your tofu may last if you change your tofu’s water every day.  Before you eat it, either boil your tofu or microwave it on a low setting.

When you find yourself involved in the mystery of tofu, remember our rules and obey your senses.

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  3. George Butel
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    I just found a package of WestSoy tofu in a drawer at the bottom of my fridge. It had expired on March 12, 2015, but didn’t look bad. It was not discolored or bloated, so I opened it, and didn’t smell anything odd. I rinsed it for a while in water, then went ahead and cut it into chunks. The inside didn’t look any different than what it would from a fresh package. I fried it in a healthy oil mix, for longer than usual, then treated it as the base ingredient for a casserole, which I made sure not to underheat. It was delicious.

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